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Guinness Book Of Records | How to Apply With Steps

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   Hi Guys, In this article we are going to show you how to apply for Guinness Book of Records Using the following simple steps which are as follows;

Step 1: First think of a record, you can go through a Guinness book of records and find a record you can break or have not been performed.

Step 2: Visit and click on “APPLY NOW”.
 N/B (give a notice of them a notice three months which is ideal).

Step 3: Exercise patience , for the record management  team to plough through their inbox and get to your claim.

Step 4: If you record category exist. They will email you the guidelines that the last claimant followed and if it is a new category they will create new guidelines and email it to you (ASAP).
N/B : 85% of claims are rejected because of being too stupid, too dangerous, or not just impressive.

Step 5: Congratulations, we like your idea and you got the guidelines. Read and follow them carefully. If you ignore them you are likely not to succeed.

Step 6: Now you practice and practice.


Step 7: When you are ready, attempt your record as per the guidelines. Be sure to have at least two independent witnesses and film the entire events. Invite the press too.

Step 8: Next, mail them you evidence, you video,footage, your signed witness statement and whatever else they requested form you in the guidelines. Then wait for their response.

Step 9: Back at the headquarters, the will watch your video, access your witness statements and consult any necessary governing body or expert. Have you followed the guidelines?  You have beaten our records.

Step 10: Congratulations- if you are are record breaker, they will send your official GWR certificate. You’re now a member of an elite group, a special family of high achievers, ac crack squad of record holders.

Step 11: This stage falls under luck, if you are lucky, you record will be selected for annually GWR book, Not every record makes it there- only they best!.

                                                             Happy Applying!!!!!

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