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Fully Funded Harvard University Scholarships for Undergraduates,Masters and PhD Students 2019-2020

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Looking for great places of learn can be so difficult especially for a school like Harvard University which can be very expensive. It is every student dream around the world to get an opportunity to study here. This institution has produced numerous personalities around the world especially in the United States.

For students who want to study in USA, Harvard university scholarships offer fully funded scholarships for undergraduates, masters and PhD students to help them actualize their dream of studying a Harvard university.
Looking at the financial limitation on international students over the years, many students who have received Harvard university scholarships, graduated successful has achieved great things in their chosen careers.

This higher institution of learning which is located in the USA was founded in 1636 in Massachusetts. In the USA, Harvard University is the oldest institute of higher learning. It is also associated with great power, prestige, wealth and high academic excellence. It is part of the Ivy League, which is an association of most prestigious universities in the USA. Other universities in this association include Yale, Cornell, Princeton, Columbia, university of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth and brown.

For me I believe if you like to study in USA, Harvard university scholarship can be a great opportunity you are likely not to miss.
If you like to know more on how to apply for Harvard scholarships keep reading.


As I earlier mentioned, Harvard University is one of the university ranked high in USA and the globe. It is the 2nd best in USA and the 3rd in the world. This institution has continued to maintain its ranking in the world and the globe.

The cost of studying at Harvard is very expensive for both local and international students who want study.
Fees are as follows;
For Undergraduate’s fees at Harvard University
  • Tuition - $44,990
  • Fees - $3,959
  • Room - $10,300
  • Board - $6,360
Total fees per year $65,609

For Masters and PhD fee at Harvard University

The tuition and fees ranges from $50,000 to $55,000 depending on area of specialization.
These tuition and fees are so high for most individuals to afford. For local and international students Harvard university scholarships which is fully funded is available to cover up the expenses.
You can get more information at Harvard financial aid office.


Here I will be showing you how to apply and submit your Harvard university scholarship application.
  • You need to prepare an application which can be used for most American universities.
  • You are required to present essential documents and submit with the application.
  • Other necessary documents are required to apply for Harvard university scholarship, which may take months to prepare. So plan ahead.
  Essential Documents you need

  • Application and Supplements
  • $75 application fee or fee waiver
  • ACT with writing or SAT with Writing
  • Two SAT Subject Test normally (maybe waivered if you are in a financial hardship)
  • Secondary School Report
  • Mid-Year school report
  • Two tutor evaluations

 If you need more information about these requisite documents, visit Harvard Application Process Page.


Masters students can be funded through numerous Harvard fellowships and work positions that Harvard University gives to both local and international students. This aid, however, is limited when you compared it to undergraduate and PhD students. List of some fellowships and work plans that you are entitled to as an international student whose aspire to study in USA. 

Student’s fellowships for certain Countries 
Most International students who are from a certain countries are eligible to receive Harvard fellowships. These fellowships are for students from certain countries to learn at Harvard university. Take a look at the complete list, go to Harvard Fellowships for International Students.  Application dates and procedures are different for each fellowship, so click link.

The Outside Fellowships 
Harvard International students are entitled to receive outside funding other than the normal Harvard Fellowships. These fellowships are given by government organizations and other organizations to fund research at Harvard University. The lists of available outside fellowships are different for each department. So, you would have to research on the internet “Outside Fellowships for your course study.” Click on the link that is available for you and check whether you are entitled and posses the requirements of the fellowship. If you meet all the necessary requirements, go for the fellowship. 

The Fellows at Dudley House
Dudley House Fellows create different activities in the Dudley House which is the graduate student center. These fellows work to enhance the graduate life at Harvard University by creating activities. As the part of the compensation for their work, students are entitled to 10 meals a week at Dudley House Dining Hall, assured housing in residence halls, and $3,000 pocket money.

The Graders 
Graders improve grade undergraduate student’s work and get paid a fragment of teaching fellow’s salary. The Harvard Undergraduate Education approves the graders employment. 

The Resident Advisors 
Whenever new graduate students migrate into the graduate dormitory, these resident advisors assist the new students to get balance to the college life. Resident advisors do this to get free room, lunch and supper during weekdays. These Students need to have resided in the dormitory for at least one semester to be qualified. This application starts in January for the upcoming year. 

The Freshman Proctors 
They work of these students is to assist freshman Harvard students as they adapt to the new college life. These live in the freshman dormitory to assist them if they do need help. Their Priority is given to students who apply in January. 

The Resident Tutors 
These are teachers that live in the residence hall of the undergraduate students and assist them in their classes. They are entitled receive $11,345 per ten months and additional $850 for the summer. Application lasts till the last till 31st of January.

The Student Employment 
These are most common types of fellowships and employment, but there are also other great opportunities for international students in different areas. Students may be partly employed both on-campus and off-campus to earn money for their tuition. 


PhD program students receive fully funded scholarships. This unique Harvard University scholarship comes with tuition, fees, living expenses, and health insurance which are covered by tuition grants, stipends, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, and other appointments. These scholarships and fellowship assist those students who dream to study in USA. A unique package contains the following:

  • Full tuition grant for five years 
  • Living stipend for years 1 and 2  
  • Combination of stipends, teaching fellowships, and research assistantships during years 3 and 4 
  • Stipend or research support for year 5 
  • $2,500 for professional development 

Students are liable to receive more than the following amount due to external fellowships other organizations give to students. However, this is an average amount of Harvard University scholarships that you will be assisted with as a PhD student. 
For  any questions about the scholarship sum, visit “Funding of PhD Students” via Harvard University Funding for International Students

Applying for Harvard University Scholarships (Masters) 
Intending international students can go to “Other Sources for Funding” at Harvard University Scholarships Page to see the application guidelines for these various types of scholarships.  

If you are Applying for admissions as international students is necessary same as applying as a local student with few exceptions such as the language proficiency exam. In this place, I will write down all the essential documents and guidelines for applying to Harvard University as an international student. 

Essential Documents Needed

  • Online application form and application fee of $105
  • Uploaded transcripts to the online application 
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • GRE (Graduate Record Examination) 
  • Demonstration of English Proficiency for international students (TOEFL of 80) 
  • Writing sample where required 

Application Guidelines

  • Get Start with online application. Students need to go to the appropriate graduate school of Harvard and start an online application (Ex. Graduate School of Engineering for engineering majors, etc.) 
  • Now Upload your transcripts form to the online application
  • Please confirm the 3 faculty members for the recommendations 
  • Write a statement of purpose. This should convey your interest, academic qualification, and your goals in the graduate program.  
  • Please Take a Graduate Record Examination (GRE). GRE which is a standardized test for graduate programs is required for all programs except Astronomy.  
  • Please Take an English Proficiency Exam. International students are required to take the TOEFL and score at least a score of 80. Some programs will require higher scores. 
  • After all is done, send the application when all the application form and the essential materials are filled.  

For PhD Students

For All admitted PhD students you are entitled to get scholarships. Note , there is no separate application procedure for PhD students unless you are register for admissions. 

Date of Admission to Receive Scholarships for 2018
Harvard university scholarship application for Masters and PhD programs opens in September 2018. Please note that application may differ for different areas of study.  Most application deadlines are on December 1, December 15, or January 2 to receive scholarships in 2018. Please always check with the department of your field of study for certain deadlines for your course.
                                                HAPPY APPLY!!!

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